Berlin-based AlphaQ Venture Capital launches $1 billion fund-of-funds


Berlin-based AlphaQ Venture Capital (AQVC) has launched a fund of venture capital funds to strengthen the venture capital ecosystem by supporting the most successful venture capital funds around the world. Dubbed the “VC for VCs”, AQVC will invest in the most successful venture capital funds in the world.

The initial target fund volume is €500 million, which will be invested primarily in Europe, with exposure to start-up Israel and the homeland of venture capital, the United States. The capital will be allocated to 50-60 funds which in turn would fund over 1,200 early stage and growth stage startups.

AQVC screens more than 2,000 venture capital funds per year for investments and has obtained allocations or has already invested in 50 leading venture capital funds like Northzone, Partech, Speedinvest, Headline, Nucleus Capital, White Star Capital and many others.

Stephan Heller, Founding Partner, AQVC, said, “Success in venture capital depends on having access to the most successful founders and venture capital fund managers. At AQVC, some of us are former startup founders ourselves who have successfully built and grown dozens of technology companies. We know what it takes to start, run and exit a business. Therefore, as investors in venture capital funds, we focus on both founders and investors. »

The company has developed a joint stock company structure, which helps overcome the common constraints of volatility, liquidity and transparency of traditional venture capital funds. By simply purchasing AQVC shares, investors have access to a portfolio of established Tier 1 and emerging venture capital funds. Capital gains in the fund are going to be accumulated and reinvested, leading to cumulative effects and long-term value creation.


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