Codefi and efactory Create ‘Innovate SOMO’; A Southern MO Economic Development, Workforce Venture


the Codefi Foundation on Rural Innovation, Inc. has partnered with factory in Springfield, Missouri. Called on Southern Missouri Innovation Network or SOMOthe first regional network of its kind, the new organization aims to accelerate workforce and economic development in 47 southern Missouri counties

The network is supported by more than 100 leading companies and stakeholders in the region and includes strategic partnerships with schools such as the Missouri Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Southeast Missouri State University, Ozarks Community Foundation, and others. Once fully funded and implemented, the project is expected to create more than 700 jobs in high-paying occupations such as software development and cybersecurity, as well as launch more than 150 new businesses.

Dr. James Stapleton, co-founder of the Codefi Foundation, was one of the people in charge of the partnership. He looks forward to not only partnering with the efactory, but also being able to help the people of southern Missouri, as well as their places of origin.

“We have the opportunity to work with one of the top innovation centers in the state of Missouri and really combine our resources, our programs, to better serve not only the citizens of each of our respective home communities , but now communities across the region.”

Rachel Anderson, director of factory at Missouri State University, is a former entrepreneur, as is Stapleton. Anderson has known Stapleton for years and, after sharing data between them, found that they were in agreement on many points, which prompted the two to start their own partnership between their organizations on opposite sides of the world. State.

“We work with many professionals who are starting or growing a business through efactory services. We don’t like to say ‘No, we can’t serve you’ or ‘We can’t help you’ and think that just more there is there are partnerships and the more opportunities and resources, the better”

Codefi teaches skills to prepare technicians for entry-level jobs within a year. Stapleton says that by partnering with SEMOstudents will be encouraged to take their courses in a specific technological field, with the possibility of obtaining academic credits, and possibly obtaining diplomas or certificates.

Recent Scholarships from the Missouri Technology Corporation to Codefi and efactory, as well as to
grants from the Delta Regional Authority and Catalyzing the education challenge made possible the recent partnership between the two hubs located on opposite sides of Missouri.

According to Codefi, the launch of “Innovate SOMO” is just one of many announcements the partnership will share in the coming weeks. The factory will also host Codefi in Springfield for an event on Thursday. May 19. They also plan to unveil a regional roundtable event tour in southern Missouri partner communities “to provide program and resource details, identify additional gaps in local needs to work through the network to acquire the resources to fill them,” said in an announcement after the April 8 event.


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