Early Stage Venture Capital Firm Auxano Capital Announces Launch of $25M Tier 1 Fund (Angel Fund)


The fund raises capital through its network of HNI, UHNI and Family Offices

Auxano Capital aims to achieve its first closing of the fund by the end of this quarter

The fund has an investment thesis and allocation strategy based on two criteria – company classification and company stage

Auxano Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm, is raising a $25 million fund to enable startups to reach their true growth potential and enable HNIs to participate in “The Indian Unicorn Story”. The venture capital firm raises this pool of funds through its network of HNI, UHNI and Family Offices.

Auxano Capital is an industry-independent venture capital firm and with its “Auxano Entrepreneur Trust” fund, it actively seeks to invest in emerging megatrends across Fintech, Enterprise SaaS, Sustainable Mobility and Agritech. It plans to use the last flow of funds in accordance with the investment thesis and the allocation strategy based on two criteria: the classification of the company (category maker, market maker and market owner) and the company stage (seed, pre-series and A/B series). The company aims to achieve the first close of the fund by the end of this quarter and has proceeded accordingly.

Commenting on funding, Brijesh Damodaran, co-founder and chief investment officer at Auxano Capital, said: “At Auxano Capital, we have been investing in early-stage startups since 2016. Auxano’s investment thesis revolves primarily around investing in next-generation technology-focused, business-driven companies. consumers, driven by the subscription economy.As a principal, we value thorough due diligence at the time of investment and continue to monitor and provide business support throughout the investment journey .In the past, we have displayed our process orientation in selecting quality companies to invest in and have shown results in terms of growth of our portfolio companies to participating investors leading to positive word of mouth marketing. With this new set of funds, we have an 18-month rollout period and we aim to drive the growth of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. aspiring businesses at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Currently, we are also finalizing the right set of partners for the fund that we would like to embark with us on this exciting day. hey.”

The local venture capital firm was created to foster entrepreneurship, innovation and growth. He has invested in over 20 startups, a corpus of over $7.5 million through SPVs and his fund.

With the growing acceptance of the startup space and increasing investment opportunities, it has also launched Auxano Dawn Fund (Cat 2 AIF) with an additional corpus of approximately $25 million, which is expected to be rolled out at over the next 30 months.

About Auxano Capital

Auxano Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that strategically invests in early-stage or growth-stage companies with an industry-neutral approach. Auxano was incorporated as a venture capital (VC) firm in 2016. The Gurugram-based company is the brainchild of experienced investment professionals, Brijesh Damodaran and Ashish Padiyar. They named the company “Auxano” because it means “to initiate growth” in Greek mythology.


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