Earth Venture Capital is tackling climate change with its first fund that includes a Venture Studio


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

Earth Venture Capital launches its first fund

At the beginning of 2022, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, EVC announced that it had successfully closed its first fund and launched an investment period. The fund builds a pipeline of early-stage startups that align with its investment strategy, globally. The average ticket size varies between $500,000 and $3 million.

With a team of experienced investors and technology entrepreneurs, EVC is looking for startups working on applicable technologies to provide scalable solutions to solve climate challenges, including moving away from fossil fuels, switching to renewable energy and planting more trees.

To accelerate start-up success, EVC provides entrepreneurs with exclusive support that goes far beyond money, including formulating strategies, designing product evaluation processes, access to relevant resources and a diverse network of experts. EVC has established partnerships with more than 100 venture capital funds and companies strongly committed to the fight against climate change, government agencies and research organizations in Europethe United States, Singapore, Australiaand China.

Additionally, with the aim of accelerating innovation within the venture capital industry in developing regions, EVC is launching Earth Venture Studio in Vietnamfollowing the rising Venture Studio model that is attracting the attention of both investors and venture capital funds.

Acting as a co-founder, Earth Venture Studio helps entrepreneurs achieve important milestones in the shortest possible time by injecting capital, connecting founders with relevant experts, developing effective and efficient processes for evaluating ideas, developing products, drafting legal documents, establishing a business, and more, allowing founders to focus on innovation, leadership, and scaling.

“Currently, organizations around the world have many approaches to fight climate change. Earth Venture Studio chooses venture capital investment and empowerment of Vietnamese tech startups as the solution to fight the climate crisis. Because the ultimate goal of investment is to bring prosperity, but there is no prosperity on a dead planet.” noted Tien Nguyen – Co-founder and general partner of EVC.

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