Geely Chairman’s Venture Launches World’s First Consumer Smartphone Connected to LEO Satellite


On September 5, Hubei Xingji Technology Co., Ltd., a company founded by Eric Li, chairman of automaker Geely, announced that it would promote satellite communication technology in low earth orbit (LEO satellite), in the future launching the world’s first consumer smartphone directly connected to LEO satellites. The smartphone can guarantee unlimited communication between consumers whether they are in deserts, deep seas, jungles or other uninhabited places, realizing real, comprehensive and global communication coverage.

Wang Yong, CEO of Xingji Technology, is an expert in the communication industry. He revealed in a media interview that the company’s products will be launched as early as next year, resulting in a brand new interactive design called “Multimodal Bionic Interactive Design”. In the future, products such as LEO satellite-connected smartphones, AR glasses and smart cars will be integrated, providing users with an immersive experience of seamless and limitless connection.

Wang said that since the 3G era, the way people get information and communicate has changed from calling on smartphones to “scrolling” on smartphones. It can be said that touch interaction led to this key change. Over the next decade, due to the rapidly growing demand for multi-device intelligent convergence experiences, a new method of displaying and interacting information is needed.

Xingji Technology wants to seize this opportunity. It focuses on the R&D of a new generation of smart terminal products, including LEO satellite-connected smartphones, AR glasses, smart cars, etc. It aims to integrate these technologies, bringing people a new immersive experience and realizing the convergence between the physical and digital worlds.

Therefore, Xingji Technology came up with a technology that can realize global coverage and multi-terminal interconnection through 5G, LEO satellite communication and Near Field Communication (NFC), so people never lose touch. LEO satellites can provide integrated wide coverage, high throughput, stable and low delay communication channel for comprehensive services.

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Xingji Technology was founded by Eric Li, chairman of Geely Holding Group, in Wuhan, China’s Hubei province, on September 26 last year. It is engaged in the R&D of high-end smartphones, XR technology products, and portable smart terminal and green building products. On September 2, the company and Hubei Xingji MEIZU Holding Co., Ltd. were created in Wuhan. In addition, a new mobile smart device R&D center of Xingji Technology will start construction and is expected to go into operation in April 2023.

On July 4 this year, Xingji Technology and Chinese smartphone maker Meizu held a strategic investment signing ceremony in Hangzhou, officially announcing that Xingji Technology holds 79.09% controlling shares of Meizu, thereby obtaining controlling independent.


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