German Media Pool unveils €15m venture capital fund to invest in next generation of mainstream startups –


German Media Pool, an independent equity media fund based in Berlin, has completed the first closing of its 15 million venture capital funds in cash. The new fund, GMPVC Opportunities I, is focused on consumer-oriented and B2C startups of all stages across Europe.

Investors in the first closing are family offices and media groups, including several shareholders of German Media Pool. With its new GMPVC Opportunities I Fund, the company known for its 36 media investments, including the success story of European consumer start-up ABOUT YOU, now has the capacity to support its existing portfolio investments in table, after an initial media investment for equities.

By investing in media as well as cash, it can now act as a specialist partner for consumer-facing businesses and their enablers at all stages of entrepreneurship.

Dennis Ahrling, Partner at German Media Pool and GMPVC Opportunities I, said: “Over the past few years, we are proud to have worked hand in hand with the founders of some of the most successful startups in Europe, including ABOUT YOU, momox, CLARK, Sanity Group and Grover. To accelerate their growth plans, we provide our startups with a tailor-made package of premium media.

German Media Pool partners provide television, radio, outdoor advertising and print media. In addition to its media partners in Germany, German Media Pool works with media groups in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and several Eastern European markets, allowing German Media Pool provide media for equity investments not only in Germany, but across Europe.

In total, he has invested more than €400 million in gross media volume in more than 75 investment rounds in 36 startups. German Media Pool currently has over 20 successful releases, 3 IPOs and two unicorns, with more to come. Current and past German Media Pool investments include ABOUT YOU, momox, CLARK, Sanity Group and Grover.


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