Ginger Zee’s Latest Venture Is Taking Her Away From GMA — And It’s A Total Family Affair


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Ginger Zee left fans in total awe of her hard work now that the project she was working on has finally been revealedand it’s really inspiring.

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It’s no surprise to fans of the awesome meteorologist how committed she is to her work and educating people about climate change, sustainability, and what we can do to positively impact our planet.

Now fans can see Ginger’s latest adventure, and she even made her work as a defender of planet Earth a family affair!

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The star announced on Monday that her latest project is finally out, and fans can’t wait to see it. She revealed that her new series, Branching out, is now available to watch on National Geographic.

The series is very special for the ABC host, because not only does she share her passion for the outdoors and the well-being of our planet with millions of people, but she has to do everything with those she loves the mosther husband, Ben Aaron, and their sons, Adrian, six, and Miles, four.

She shared the jaw-dropping trailer on Instagram, and followers can’t get enough of how cool and brave she is.

The inspiring trailer

In the show, the family of four hit the road with other National geographic explorers and writers “to see how we can repair our forests” and go “in search of solutions”.

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The video proves Ginger’s boys are like their motherand sees them digging in the ground, ziplining and learning how we can improve our land.


Ginger’s adorable family

The trailer for the first episode, which was set in Florida, ends with Adrian adorably and appropriately saying, “We’re branching out!” as he hangs from a zipline with forest trees surrounding him.

Fans praised the co-host for her hard work, writing, “GO GINGER, I love the roll you’re on. You’re so inspiring and doing the ‘needy nudge’ right now”” and : “You do the coolest things!” as well as: “I can’t wait to watch!”

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