Honda and Sony could form a standalone company for an electric vehicle joint venture


The era of electronic companies manufacturing cars is beginning to become a reality. While the emergence of the Apple car is still unclear at this stage, Japanese tech giant Sony is pushing ahead with the help of another Japanese automaker, Honda.

Honda and Sony announced plans to form a joint venture to build electric vehicles in March. Now, both companies agree that said joint venture will be better off as an independent, stand-alone company.

“We shared the view that making the joint venture independent, long-term, is better than placing it under Sony or Honda,” said Sony Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. Nikkei Asia.

Although he mentioned that the joint venture could have an initial public offering of shares, Yoshida did not disclose any details about the plan. The sale of participation supports the project to become an independent company, Nikkei Asia reports.

In the previous announcement, the plan is to build and sell the electric vehicle by 2025. Honda will build the vehicle at one of its factories. Sony, meanwhile, will develop and supply the platform to the automaker. It’s unclear if the next Honda-Sony EV will be connected to Vision-S concepts.

It should be noted that Sony has already presented two concepts of electric vehicles, namely the Vision-S sedan and the Vision-S SUV. Both vehicles were created in collaboration with the biggest names in manufacturing such as Magna Steyr, Bosch, ZF, Continental, Nvidia and Qualcomm.

Sony EV concepts look promising on paper. Powered by two electric motors, the combined output is 536 horsepower (400 kilowatts). The sedan will be a four-seater, while the SUV is expected to hold seven seats.


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