Jennifer Lopez roasted for using Ben Affleck’s pledge to promote latest venture


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s engagement drew a lot of emotional reactions Friday night and Saturday morning, but some people aren’t quite so thrilled. Lopez broke the news Friday night, but not in the traditional way. It wasn’t done in a press release, interview, or even a social media post. She instead asked fans to sign up for her newsletter, On the JLo. After receiving a few standard updates, subscribers received a short video showing Lopez wearing her engagement ring.

While Bennifer’s followers were simply thrilled with the pair, others saw the reveal as a business tactic. While a simple social media post would suffice, Lopez took advantage of the situation to get an eye on her latest venture. Some thought the reveal was artificially played to sound more authentic when it was more of a promotional tool to On the JLo. Scroll to read some of the reactions.

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“I LOVE, I mean LOVE Bennifer…but you don’t need to collect my data to share your engagement,” one fan said. wrote.

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“I’m obsessed with JLO doing a pre-engagement announcement on Instagram telling everyone to sign up for their newsletter to get the real engagement announcement,” another person said. wrote.

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“waking up to the news that jlo and ben are engaged and she shared it via her newsletter called jlo feels like a fever nightmare,” another Twitter user wrote.

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“It’s so posh”, a fourth person commented. “My entourage” please [Jennifer] just be your normal down to earth self – why not make a public announcement?”

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“Peak cringe! Imagine running your 6th engagement announcement (and 2nd to the same person) so you can collect more email addresses for your newsletter,” another Twitter user wrote.

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“I thought they were going to be really private this time,” yet another person wrote. Someone else tweeted“This girl is absolutely shameless.”



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