KFC’s first venture into the NFT space around buckets


KFC’s debut in the NFT space, as the company announces KFC BuckETH a new gift for chicken lovers

  • KFC in the crypto space announcing KFC BuckETH
  • KFC integration with Blink Digital
  • The KFC bucket connection with KFC lovers
  • The criteria for participating in the competition

KFC enters the crypto space by announcing KFC BuckETH

KFC, a popular food giant spread across all countries, is said to have made its debut in the crypto space. According to the news, KFC India is officially launching a new NFT, KFC BuckETH. Let’s take a look at the tweet and see how the company got creative with breaking the news.

According to reports, it is believed that the winner of the competition will not only get the NFT but also get a supply of chicken from KFC for a year.

KFC integration with Blink Digital

KFC then partnered with Blink Digital to deploy its NFT JFC BuckETH. As the name suggests, the NFT will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain and will be officially hosted in OpenSea.

Iconic Bucket Souvenir with Indian KFC Lovers

Credits: Swiggy

If you are a KFC fan, the two constant factors that drive the passion are of course the chicken and then the bucket the chicken is served in. The company also believes that the bucket is a testament to the brand’s heritage and has always been the driving force in celebrating the company’s heritage.

Since KFC’s heritage is deeply rooted in the bucket they use to serve their chicken, the NFT was also designed as a buckETH. The company believes that with this new NFT, customers will be able to connect more with the brand in a unique way.

The entry criteria!

At first, the entrant must follow the official Instagram account of KFC India. Then he has to take a screenshot of the Ultimate Chicken Lover checklist. The checklist should be filled with any type of interactive content like an image or gif and the content should be uploaded by the participant in the personal account and KFC India tag. Then the company will pick one lucky winner who will get ownership of the NFT and chicken supply as agreed.


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