Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler talks about his coffee business


About 18 months ago, the basketball world saw the birth of a coffee brand created out of necessity.

After months of tastings, research and development, and product launches, we now see BIGFACE coffee transforming into an influential brand right before our eyes. Before the Miami Heat began their playoffs, their star player took the time to make a splash on another court at one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

With the intention of creating a sense of community and inclusiveness, six-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler has created a coffee brand that will disrupt the industry. Whether it’s calling on the experts or flying abroad to learn more about coffee, one thing is clear: Butler does it out of love and passion for coffee.

Via the website, The Coffee brand is on a mission to “sourcing unusual coffee and inspiring products that we can share with the world”.

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In a recent session with Sprudge contributor Giovanni Fillarishared Butler, he did not view BIGFACE Coffee as a business venture.

“I don’t consider this a commercial venture, however. I consider it a love and a passion that I have,” Butler said.

“I’ve spent so much time studying coffee and how to improve the coffee we have here at the BIGFACE brand and bring it to all different types of people everywhere. It’s not a commercial enterprise, it’s everything. It’s something that I really enjoy doing. Something that calms me down. It’s something that brings me closer to so many different people around the world and it humanizes me. I’m not an athlete when I drink coffee.

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