Microsoft Xbox Games to insert in-game ads? A new company may be coming soon


Microsoft Xbox games will soon have ads and contextual in-game content, and it’s something the game company is reportedly testing for its next ventures. Inserting in-game ads is a problematic business for developers of titles and any game in the industry, as they would have to insert codes and other information for it to work.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that Microsoft has all the intentions regarding this company.

Microsoft Xbox Games: ads are coming to the game for free games

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 13: The new Microsoft Xbox One S console is announced during the Microsoft Xbox press conference at E3 Gaming Conference on June 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. The One S is expected to launch in August.

According to Business Insider report, Microsoft and Xbox are testing a new program to expand ad placements. The company will offer this program to merchants and game developers on the platform. It would mostly appear on Xbox Games, and while that endeavor is tough, Microsoft might have a fix or an option.

Most of the ads running on the Xbox platform would be for free games available in the company’s library, meaning those titles would have ads every time players played them. It’s currently unknown what the settings are, especially since the ads would only work when the device is connected to the internet to serve its placement.

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In-Game Ads is a first on Microsoft’s Xbox platform

According to CBS, ads are difficult to include in games, and developers should create a workaround to include these features, unlike online platforms like YouTube. The new Microsoft program would allegedly open up a new business for ads, improving revenue for audiences and developers to take more advantage of the feature.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox business is shaping up to be an experience like no other, as the gaming company and its many offerings regularly bring new features for everyone. One of the upcoming features from Microsoft and the Xbox department is the Xbox Game Pass for Family which will extend the subscription to different members and those included by whoever pays.

Right now, the world is seeing an abundance of Microsoft Xbox and its stock for the latest gaming console, the Xbox Series X, which its supplies normally see in retail stores. It’s time for Xbox to take control of its distribution in the market now, especially since it’s been over a year since the company released the gaming console for everyone.

Microsoft and the game company Xbox are planning something big for their operations, and it might be the upcoming ads that the public would see on their game track. It might come on the free ones, and it would be like the ads Facebook, Free YouTube Ads, Free Spotify Ads, and all the services that infuse that into their platform.

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