Mum is the face of new Shropshire fashion company


A Shropshire woman has started a sustainable fashion business that aims to transform consumer shopping habits and make the occasion ‘trendy’ and accessible to everyone.

Lucy Norris, Used Styling UK

Lucy Norris, from Shropshire, started Secondhand Styling UK, the muse of her fashion business being her mother, Alison, who as a single mother had limited resources and out of necessity dressed Lucy in secondhand clothes for much of his childhood.

Alison’s ability to find used items that could be recycled so they look stylish, creating designer-inspired looks and sparking Lucy’s passion for the pre-loved scene.

In 2021, Alison was diagnosed with cancer and had less than 12 months to live. It was during this devastating time that Lucy knew she had to turn her passion project into a business, ensuring her mother’s spirit and skills lived on, and invested over £50,000.

Lucy is committed to educating on the benefits of clothing swapping, highlighting how it can reduce your carbon footprint and sharing her top tips and expert style tips.

With 360 tonnes of reusable clothing thrown in the trash every year, Lucy leads a campaign to keep them from going to landfill and her ultimate goal for the company is to create a community of like-minded individuals, encouraging them to regularly revamp their style season after season without waste.

Over the next three years, Lucy hopes to grow this community, expanding nationwide so it can offer more portals for its members to trade, buy, and style.

Lucy says, “Everything my mother taught me about fashion is embedded in everything I produce, and I want to share that knowledge with a community of fashion-conscious individuals.

“The insight and experience I have from working in the fashion industry, combined with my understanding of consumer trends, motivates me and I am dedicated to making fashion accessible to everyone.

“I lived and worked in the US for a long time and when I came back to the UK I only had one suitcase with me. I had to build my wardrobe from scratch and I I did this by sourcing high quality second-hand pieces. I want to show that fashion on a budget can be fun, stylish and good for the environment.

Lucy spent over 15 years in the United States in the entertainment industry as a TV presenter for fashion and beauty brands. For each appearance, she self-styled her outfits and always opted for second-hand. She turned to fashion journalism and covered Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, Paris and London. She is currently the red carpet host for the avant-garde fashion platform, Fashinnovation.

Lucy concludes, “The pre-loved scene hasn’t always been in vogue. He’s getting there slowly, but I’d really like to improve his perception. By sharing my authentic tips, advice, insights, and resources, my members can style occasion and look fantastic! Together we can repatriate the clothes and keep them out of landfills.


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