‘My Wife and Kids’ star Jen Freeman is launching a major new venture


Most people know Jennifer Freeman from her role as Claire Kyle on the hit ABC sitcom My wife and my children. For four seasons, she played the role of the middle child of the Kyle clan. Since then, she’s been through life’s ups and downs and is sharing it all in podcast form. The actor went through a rocky divorce just months after giving birth to daughter Isabella. Freeman, who also starred in the dance film You are served and recently appeared in several holiday movies, was married to former NBA star Ear Watson. After finding out about his infidelity, she confesses that she got a little crazy and ended up in the headlines for reportedly attacked Watson. But that was years ago, and now she’s healed and wants other women to know they can do it through her podcast. Be free.

It looks like the podcast is a reimagining of an initial idea she came up with last year. She hosts the podcast with Marie Michel. “I went through a divorce,” Freeman told JaGurl TV. “I wanted to take responsibility for the part I played in the marriage that wasn’t working out, it’s easy to blame someone else. You have to take responsibility for yourself, so I did that…I wanted to really work on myself and get to the root of why i had the issues i was having, i was really depressed, i was in a lot of trouble…even before i got married…i wanted to give myself freedom, space and time to be able to heal properly.

During her journey, she learned that she had to live her life to the full. Her journey included a vow of celibacy, a recommitment to her faith, and a pursuit of her acting career.

“In this process and this journey,” she added. “I discovered so much about myself, I hadn’t lived as fully as I thought I could live. I mean I had just existed, I was numb, I had done a lot of things to numb me.”

The podcast is referred to as an honest conversation between girlfriends. In each episode, Freeman and Michel “elucidate life’s most intimate matters through conversation and wine”.


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