New African Recruitment Platform Attracts Venture Capital Firm


Venture capital firm Launch Africa has invested in pan-African recruitment firm Homecoming Revolution’s new on-demand expertise platform Insights By Experts.

Launch Africa fund manager Janade du Plessis says that over the past two decades, Homecoming Revolution has built deep relationships across Africa with leading businesses and industry experts, and now brings them together on the Insights By Experts platform.

Insights By Experts, launched at the Sankara Hotel, Nairobi, is a platform that helps investors and businesses around the world gain on-demand access to freelance talent, from a vetted community of African experts experienced in various African countries and sectors.

Launch Africa says the launch has been driven by a growing number of investors and companies who want to expand in Africa but are limited by a lack of timely and relevant knowledge on the ground.

The platform offers an extensive directory of African experts curated by Homecoming Revolution, which has been operational since 2003.

The senior and experienced African experts listed on Insights By Experts offer up-to-date, on-the-ground information, advice and opinions. These experts can be engaged for a range of needs, including one-on-one discussions, contracts or projects, coaching and mentoring, introductions, and board positions.

“[The] the platform shares deep African expertise with the world. Our hope is that this will spur significant economic growth on the continent,” the CEO of Homecoming Revolution said. Angel Jones.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Kenya Chief Strategy Officer Leonard Kimutai Tonui says the platform will “easily select the brains of a large number of different experts across Africa.”

Experts will be helpful when identifying value (initiating the deal) and validating value (due diligence), which includes customer perception, founder references, competitor snapshots, technical assessments , customer issues and needs, market perceptions and high-level risks.

Expert services are also useful when accelerating value (performance improvement), which includes governance, price validation, HR consulting, market intelligence, partnerships and procurement of distributors.

A key process that involves significant expert input is value integration, which includes exploration of new business areas, acquisition considerations, regulatory risks of regional growth, technical approvals and seats on the board of directors.

Launch Africa states that Insights By Experts will be needed when improving pre-release market value, including independent business plan validation, long-term improvement plans and selling price improvement.

“For the private equity and venture capital industry, we are continually looking for talent to work with to gain market insights as we grow our businesses, or for senior team members of our portfolio companies. I think this platform is quite unique and could be of tremendous help to our members,” says the Executive Director of the East Africa Private Equity & Venture Capital Association. Eva Warigia.

The platform can be accessed either self-service or with the help of Launch Africa.

Self-service is a six-step process that begins with research across many countries, industries, and disciplines. The client then sends the expert a consultation request with key questions and suggested appointment dates.

Following this, the client receives the expert’s response and confirms the consultation date, which is then followed by a calendar invitation with a video link from the expert. The client then chats with the expert and gains proprietary knowledge.

If the client needs specific assistance, Insights By Experts provides an easy way to notify the hiring team directly.

These expert packages can be tailored based on budget, time, delivery and results, whether it’s one-off discussions or more in-depth engagement.

There are hundreds of experts currently loaded on the platform and thousands more experts in Homecoming Revolution’s unique database.

“We look forward to using the platform in our own business, for our portfolio companies and our business partners,” says Du Plessis.


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