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Presentation of the company applications being accepted for the Energy Venture Investment Summit 2023 presented by EnerCom and the Colorado School of Mines at

The Energy Venture Investment Summit brings together entrepreneurs and investors in the energy sector to share innovative ideas and provide capital to companies that will shape the future of energy.

EnerCom is now accepting applications from companies to present to The Energy Investment Summit. Interested companies are invited to contact Dan Genovese at [email protected] for complete application details, as space is limited. For companies that register to present before January 10, 2023, EnerCom will publish an executive interview highlighting the company on the Oil & Gas 360 news site and broadcast the video interview before the Summit in the daily. Closing bell email newsletter to over 20,000 subscribers of top energy industry investors and executives.

The Summit will provide guest presenters with a venue to deliver a thirteen-minute in-person presentation that will be webcast live and recorded for replay on The Energy Investment Summit website; EnerCom’s news platform; and broadcast daily Closing bell E-mail.

In 2022, more than 30 companies participated in the in-person event which included investment presentations and panel discussions on carbon capture and storage; hydrogen production and storage; solar technology; technologies for testing and processing rare earth minerals to optimize oil and gas operations and resource production.

Summit format: The summit will provide guest presenters with a venue to deliver a thirteen-minute in-person presentation which will be streamed live on the Energy Venture Investment Summit website at All presentations will be recorded and available for rebroadcast to a global audience on the Energy Venture Investment Summit website, EnerCom’s website information platform and distributed in EnerCom’s daily newspaper Closing bell email newsletters to over 20,000 subscribers. Presenting companies and investors will have the opportunity to mingle over cocktails and preview their presentations at the Wednesday afternoon kick-off networking event.

Presenter Requests: EnerCom accepts presentation requests at The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by EnerCom and the Colorado School of Mines. Please contact Dan Genovese at [email protected] or 303.296.8834; or Werner G. Kuhr, Ph.D. at [email protected] or 303-241-5209 with questions and conference attendance details. The best presenting companies will be invited to participate in the EnerCom Dallas investor and ESG conference in Dallas on April 18 and 19, 2023.

Individual meetings with investors: Investors will have the ability to request and schedule one-on-one meetings with presenting companies, upon request, through EnerCom. One-on-one meetings can be requested by emailing Larry Busnardo at [email protected].

Sponsorship opportunities: Please contact Blanca Andrus at [email protected] or 303.296.8834 x246; or Emily Kelton at [email protected] or 303.273.3148.

Participant registration cost: Registration and participation in the Energy Venture Investment Summit for qualified investors is free. Other conference registration classifications are available for a nominal fee. All participants can register for the Summit on In addition to in-person and online access to all company presentations, panel discussions and keynote speakers, conference registration includes the opportunity for investors and management teams to meet around Cocktail at the Summit Kick-Off Networking Event before their presentations, as well as Thursday’s Opening Breakfast and Luncheon.

EnerCom is thrilled to once again partner with the renowned Colorado School of Mines to host the 2023 event at the Golden, Colorado campus, highlighting leading energy technology companies and facilitating capital markets introductions.

About EnerCom, Inc.

EnerCom (Energy Communications) has a rich history of working with clients to differentiate and deliver targeted messaging to investors. EnerCom, Inc. is an internationally recognized management consulting firm advising companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, investor relations, corporate strategy/board of directors, marketing, analysis and evaluation, media, branding and visual communications design.

For more information about EnerCom and its services, please visit or call +1 303-296-8834.

About the Colorado School of Mines.

The Colorado School of Mines is a science and engineering-focused public university dedicated to educating and inspiring students, advancing knowledge, and innovating to meet the grand challenges facing society. is facing today, especially those related to the Earth, energy and the environment.

For more information about the Colorado School of Mines, please visit or contact Emilie Rusch, Director of Communications, at 303-273-3361 or [email protected].

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