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Alex Maleki

Friday Coffee Meetup, a monthly discussion group hosted by Innovate Pasadena, will feature Alex Maleki, Managing Director of Pasadena-based Mandala Space Ventures, on Friday, June 3.

Maleki is set to discuss the current state of the explosively changing space industry, what investors are looking for in space-related startups, and how founders can prepare a pitch that’s both grounded and out of this world by design.

Innovate Pasadena officials said they are working on the possibility of returning to an in-person meeting at a new Pasadena location. In the meantime, the announcement specifies that this June 3 meeting will be virtual, co-presented by Echo-Factory.

Mandala Space Ventures is the first venture capital studio focused exclusively on the space economy. Prior to joining Mandala, Maleki was Managing Director of Idealab where he helped lead fundraising and recruitment efforts, provided strategic advice to entrepreneurs, and tested new ideas that could be turned into successful businesses. He has also held leadership positions for two venture capital-backed startups – Net Effect and Mobile Automation – focused on enterprise software and services, both of which were successfully acquired.

Maleki holds a BA from UCSB, a JD from Southwestern University, and currently serves on the boards of Xosphere, OEwaves, Innovate Pasadena, and STEAM:CODERS.

Christy Conner, author of “The Confident Connector” and co-organizer of Friday Coffee Meetup, will moderate the discussion.

Friday Coffee Meetup is the largest active entrepreneurial and tech innovation group in Los Angeles, with over 6,000 members.

To register, go to

The June 3 meeting starts at 8:30 a.m.

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