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You may have heard many roller coaster stories but here is a story of a mediocre executive who turns his dreams into reality by building a real estate company empire right in the heart of Bhubaneswar that is sure to have you excited.

A small town boy from Nayagarh district stood out as he and his team were distributing food and blankets to families of slum dwellers in various parts of Bhubaneswar throughout the Covid-19 outbreak which turns him into a Samaritan for many of them popularly known as Titan Sahoo, Managing Director of Loreal Estate Venture.

This is the belief of “I CAN” given his own performance of delivering properties working in a few reputable real estate companies, in addition to buyers suffering to get their properties despite investing their hard earned income time and time again. assured him to start his own business called oreal Estate Venture, in a span of time they have delivered more than a dozen prime properties in Khorda and Pulnakhara as well as Kolkata. Since then, there is no turning back as a team. Restarting its foundations stronger and stronger by bringing more and more projects at affordable prices was the main goal since then.


A strong supporter of KARMA and devotee of Lord Jagannath who has a soft corner of promoting art and music for betterment of society. Lately, he performed his own music album to share messages of kindness. He planned to set up a quality school in his village SIDHAMULLA-KINTILO for their better education and results.

He uses his time to visit the hidden and popular temples of Odisha before associating with various spiritual personalities with the aim of enlightening his life and times. To spread and bring joy among all is his ultimate belief. He gives a clear call to spread joy among us.


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