Suzuki Introduces SGV Enterprise Venture Capital Fund

Suzuki Introduces SGV Enterprise Venture Capital Fund

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced that Suzuki Global Ventures (SGV), a Silicon Valley-based corporate venture capital fund, is available from October 2022.

Suzuki has commissioned SGV to deliver the values ​​that customers and society demand and deserve. This structure is planned to accelerate joint production activities between Suzuki and start-ups and create new business and business models.

By making SGV the gateway to the start-up ecosystem, Suzuki aims to invest in solving problems facing customers and society globally.

It is also expected that SGV will contribute to the development of an ecosystem of cooperation and innovation between companies and start-ups.

Commenting on their new venture, Toshihiro Suzuki, President of Suzuki Motor Corporation, said, “Since its inception, Suzuki has made it its mission to serve society by putting itself in the shoes of its customers and understanding their perspectives. It continues to protect the basic principle of always trying to solve customer problems. We are excited to take the same steps to solve social problems by collaborating and creating innovations with start-ups that share Suzuki’s mission. used the sentences.


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