The entrepreneur says the 17th company will be the next big company The entrepreneur says the 17th company will be the next big company


Local entrepreneur Belon Mahmud announced on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Uber, Foodpanda, Pathao and Twitter) that his next business will be the next Big Thing. This will be Mahmud’s 17th venture, after his first 16 ventures that gave him some popularity or notoriety, depending on who you ask.

This reporter had the chance to interview the legendary Mahmud at a cafe in the Tri-State district last Thursday. When asked why he wasn’t on TikTok, where all the current social media market potential is, he seemed a bit distressed before recovering quickly.

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“You’ll see something of me very soon. That’s all I can share for now,” he said with a grimace, which may also have been an attempt at a mysterious smile.

“I will most likely become a millionaire overnight with the improved product that I will be releasing soon,” he said.

He declined to go into product details. “It’s a modern and improved product designed for the future, that’s all I can tell you at the moment. Don’t be surprised if you see me on the Forbes 69 under 96 list,” added Belon Mahmud , who turns 39 this year. .

Upon reflection, he added, “But if you don’t see me on the list, it might be because the magazine was taken over by a bunch of demagogues and has since become trash.”

At this point in the conversation, a man walked into the cafe and joined a group of people there, not noticing Mahmud at all.

“It’s Akkas Abbas Akash, he’s a traitor,” said a rather irritated Belon to yours truly.

Akash was the co-founder of Belon Mahmud’s first company, EggOn. Previously, EggOn bought broken eggs from grocery stores and sold them to individuals who then used them to lay eggs in the homes of people who passed through them.

Although the business quickly gained popularity, it ultimately failed due to limited profitability. The business is said to have closed permanently after someone used EggOn products to house Mahmud’s house.

Akash currently heads the South Asia division of HechkiDC Bank.

“What if he owns a Mercedes now? I’m my own boss and I’ll be rich very soon, and he’s a corporate slave on a fixed salary. He betrayed me and decided to get an MBA. I will never forgive him.” said Mahmud, who failed his SSC exam 19 times.

On the issue of wages, this correspondent asked Mahmud about allegations of his inability to pay the people he employed at his previous 16 companies.

He scoffed at this, saying he was not a shark exploiting employees by promising to pay them on exposure. “I’ll pay them in real money of course, once I start earning some.”

Some of his former employees have been waiting for 15 years.

It should be noted that Mahmud has made such announcements before without any actual product materializing. “I don’t like to use the word failure. Everything I’ve done has led to this moment. It’s all part of a big plan that’s been going on since I was a little sperm,” Belon said. Mahmoud.


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