“The urge to give my father a proper burial drove me to commit theft” – Suspect


An armed robbery suspect, Chigozie Anene said he committed the robbery because he needed funds for his father’s funeral and his fairly used clothes business.

The 29-year-old said he and his gang bought expensive goods from armed robbers and sold them at rock bottom prices. He also revealed that he would steal expensive cars and tricycles and resell them.

The suspect allegedly had a spare mechanic who changed parts of the tricycle he stole so he could sell it to unsuspecting individuals, reports The Nation.

Anene went into hiding after his gang was arrested by the Inspector General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

In an effort to catch him, one of the IRT agents posed as a buyer trying to get a tricycle. Anene fell into the trap and was arrested when he surfaced.

During the preliminary investigation, the suspect, father of two children, explained why he had committed the theft.

He said: “I live in a one bedroom apartment at No 4 Mosalasi Street, Igando, Lagos.

“I used to operate as a one-man gang, single-handedly stealing tricycles around my neighborhood.

“My problem started when a Tunbu and a prince befriended me and tricked me into forming a three-man robber gang to earn more money.

“They convinced me that there is less risk in stealing cars than tricycles and that stolen cars have more buyers waiting.

“The urge to give my dad a proper burial was the biggest contributor to me forming a gang of thieves as well as getting enough money to grow my second-hand clothing business and live like some of my friends.

“When I decided to stop armed robbery, my members almost murdered me because they felt they were no longer safe and could not rest after a robbery operation. , because I could become a police informant.”

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