The Venture Bros. Brock Samson is related to Ash from Evil Dead


The Venture Bros. is one of the most expansive animated series of the 21st century, blending a wide range of references from film, television, music, history and culture into the sci-fi/super spy series/ superheroes, but there is actually a secret connection between The Venture Brothers and one of those iconic pop culture franchises he likes to reference. A 2013 crossover franchise video game linked the worlds of evil Dead and The Venture Bros. by revealing that the time-displaced Ash Williams was actually Brock Samson’s distant ancestor.

Poker Night at Inventory 2 from video game studio Telltale Games was a 2013 digital poker game. The game specifically pitted players in Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha Hold ‘Em against four characters from different franchises — Ash du evil Dead series, Sam of the Sam and Max franchise, Claptrap du Borderlands video games and Brock Samson’s The Venture Brothers.

In the middle of the card game, which featured GLaDOS from Gate serving as a dealer, the characters joked, bickered, and teased each other, pointing out every little similarity and difference between them. In various dialogue conversations, Brock and Ash get along well; though Brock quickly mocks the relatively skinny adventure hero, but one of the dialogue moments hints at a deeper bond between the two.

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While speaking with Sam, Ash reveals that after the events of army of darkness brought him back to the present day, he tried to find out what happened to Sheila. Sheila had served as Ash’s love interest in the film and remained in the 14th century after he left. Through GLaDOS, Ash discovers that Sheila eventually married a Sir Theodore in the year 1300; however, she was apparently pregnant at the time, suggesting that Ash may have had a child sometime in the distant past after a night of passion with Sheila. She eventually had an only son, and the line barely survived the Black Death thanks to a single heir, while Sheila and the rest of the family died from the disease.

This last surviving member of the family moved to Poland in the 15th century, before finally fleeing the Nazis in the 20th century by settling in America. There they settled in a Swedish community in Nebraska. In the 1960s, Sheila’s last surviving descendant, Bonnie Jablonski, was briefly married and had two sons. One of those two sons ended up being Brock Samson, who is more exhausted from the revelation than anything else, which suits his experience dealing with the unexpected and bizarre elements of the world of The Venture Brothers.

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In fact, Ash’s experience with one-liners and overcoming ridicule are traits he shares with Brock. Samson has faced supernatural, alien, and bizarre threats for most of his adult life, starting with his time as an OSI agent before becoming Rusty Venture’s bodyguard. Along the way, he overcame all kinds of threats, just like Ash.

evil Dead existing in the same world as The Venture Brothers isn’t so shocking either, considering how pop culture and magic dominate both worlds. Moreover, beings like Dr Henry Killinger, Doctor Orpheus and his master have proven that magic exists in The Venture Brothers universe.

Ash also fits right into the show’s universe, with its overarching story of being an incredible monster fighter who finds himself washed up and dealing with a mundane life having a similar tone to The Venture Brothers. The Adult Swim show has always had failure as its central theme and often forces its characters to try to overcome their failures to become better people. While rights issues may prevent Ash and Brock from having a formal crossover, there’s still a fun connection that exists between the two characters – and one that might explain their two worlds a bit.

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