Top 3 things to consider when expanding your business, according to Onyi Odunukwe.


Growth is the sign of Life. No one realizes this truth more than entrepreneurs. Any business that sets out to navigate the great and mighty ocean of the market does so with the intention of growing and developing. Although it is an essential criterion for a business, not all businesses can grow and grow and use their full potential. Onyi Odunukwe Founder and CEO of Glo tanning – a fast growing chain of tanning salons in America, believes that if one wants to grow, one must first pave the way ahead of them. Onyi founded his chain of tanning salons in 2010. Today, the brand has expanded to 11 states with over 50 locations. Speaking to us about how he built his chain of tanning salons, Onyi shares three key insights to help entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

“Think before you act. Running a business is like leading an orchestra. When you’re looking to expand, you have to have a good view of the surrounding landscape. They have to be able to observe, analyze all available data before deciding to expand their business.

“DIY Nobody will do it for you. Nobody is going to create an opportunity or tell you about a new opportunity that is being created. Create your growth strategy before starting the expansion process.

“Make creative connections. In today’s world, conventional ideas work, but they may not have a future. Today, a growth strategy must be organic. By expanding your circle, you can connect people with different potentials and start collaborations. This networking step becomes the foundation from which your business will grow.

Observation, proactive effort and creative networking are the three pillars on which Onyi Odunukwe has built and grown his business. His accomplishment and knowledge are truly an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.


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