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Football development:

  • Toro Golf Club 2-3 Kabarole Rotaract Club

Sport is an activity that deliberately aims to bridge the gap between different groups, age groups, tribes, cultural affiliations, social classes and religious faiths.

The desire to stay fit (both physically and mentally) is another bold perk of sports around the world.

It was against such a rich background that the Rotaract Club of Kabarole and the management of the Toro Golf Club agreed on a friendly football match.

The Toro club team
Kabarole Rotaract Club Team

Despite the results (Rotarians won 3-2), the goals of this game were achieved.

“The match aimed to improve health, physique and relationships with other moral people through networking and sharing. I can comfortably confirm that the game achieved its goals and objectives. Isaiah Mwesige, the Toro club’s away captain revealed.

Token of appreciation:

To this effect, Mwesige somehow appreciated the various parties and stakeholders who enabled and worked for the success of this building match.

Goalkeeper Jonathan Musinguzi
Limberin of the Toro Club team

“On behalf of the Toro Club executive, I really want to extend a special token of appreciation to all who showed up for our corporate friendly match between Toro Club and Rotaract Club in Kabarole, Uganda. It was a great company game as we kicked off the journey of the many more focused games ahead of us.I really want to extend my sincere congratulations to all the players and supporters of the team.

Andrew Isagara, House Member, Toro Club
Saul Kusemererwa, Senior Toro Club Member

Manager Albert Mwebaze managed the Toro club team with the necessary knowledge and experience, under the command of the chairman (Frank), George, Andrew, Florah, Janet and others.

Coach Albert Mwebaze
The 12th man who cheered every move on the playing field

The Toro club missed the services of several key players (for different reasons) like goalkeeper Sagio, Joseph “Okada” Cwinyaai, Richard Muhumuza, G54, Yusuf Muhenda, Frank, Isaac, Stephen, Adolf Muhumuza and many more.

Going forward, it was agreed that Monday would be the team’s official practice day, the team would be entered into the corporate league and there would be an official fundraiser for the jersey. crew.

Kabarole Rotary team captain smiles with the trophy
The triumphant team of Rotarians in celebration

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