Vancouver board game designers smash Kickstarter goal and raise over $782,000


A Vancouver board game design duo are celebrating after their latest Kickstarter campaign boosted their production goal by more than 39 times.

Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim are the creators of MIND MGMT: The “game” of psychic espionage. The hidden motion game about a top secret organization that uses psychic spies to alter world events is based on bestselling author Matt Kindt’s Dark Horse comic book series.

The campaign for MIND MGMT: Secret Missions ended Friday night with a total of $782,131 raised from over 9,600 backers around the world, including the UK, Australia, US, Germany, and more.

Cormier, the founder of MIND MANAGEMENTThe publisher of Off the Page Games, told Daily Hive that it launched the Kickstarter after a series of fortuitous events led to a boom in popularity.

“I am blown away by the success of the campaign,” Cormier said. “For context, this is the second Kickstarter for MIND MANAGEMENT. We just sold all of our games and a reprint was in the works, but a new review has appeared online from Shut Up & Sit Down.

“The journal called MIND MANAGEMENT a masterpiece, and now everyone wanted a copy. The problem was that we had nothing left. SU&SD also featured the fancy deluxe version of the game in their review, which was still a Kickstarter exclusive. So there were no more copies of that in the world either.

Jay Cormier/Submissive

After receiving messages from interested gamers around the world, Cormier realized that new copies of the deluxe edition needed to be made. So he launched a Kickstarter earlier this month that included a 9-card “Secret Mission” expansion and an option for a special deck of MIND MANAGEMENT playing cards designed by Kindt.

The game immediately discovered a huge following on the platform.

“Everything was going fast,” said Cormier, whose other designed games include Belfort, Akrotiriand Junk Art. “I set a goal of $20,000 just to make sure we had enough interest in the Secret Mission cards and in six minutes we hit that total. Then in 30 minutes we were at $52,000 , and by the end of the first day, we were over $200,000.

“To our funders around the world, I say tThank you so much for supporting a small and new publisher like Off the Page Games. As this is my first game as a publisher, it has really gone a long way in ensuring that we can make even more games in the future.


MIND MGMT/Submitted

Lim is also grateful for all the support board gamers have given to MIND MGMT.

I’m honestly overwhelmed,” Lim said. “Jay and I know that MIND MANAGEMENT is a solid game. Great, even. But we also know that 1 vs. many and hidden motion games aren’t for everyone. And that as popular as comics are on the indie scene, it’s not the x-men Where Batman. So I’m pleasantly surprised that people are as enamored with it as we are. It was a blitz campaign.

According to Lime, who has designed games ranging from Jiangshi: Blood in the banquet hall for The Godfather: a new Gift, MIND MGMT’s success can be attributed to the amount of love the creative trio put into the “game” of psychic spy.


Sen-Foong Lim/Submitted

“Tthere’s a lot of honesty and maybe rawness to Matt’s art style that makes you realize that comics and gaming are telling an incredible story through their respective mediums without covering it in eye candy,” said said Lim. “Jay and I were big fans of Matt and MIND MANAGEMENT before we’ve ever thought about the game and we hope comic book fans will see it in the way we’ve implemented the source material into the game.”

“Working directly with the creator of the comic has also been brilliant as we get to ask Matt what he thinks about it. This is usually not the case with many properties I have worked on. Although I’ve worked on huge licenses, none have been as rewarding as working in tandem with Matt.

Although the Kickstarter campaign has now ended, Cormier shared that MIND MGMT can be purchased at local board game stores in Metro Vancouver.


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