VCEX (Venture Capital Exchange) New offer

VCEX (Venture Capital Exchange) New offer

Perth, February 1, 2022 AEST (ABN Newswire) – VCEX Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the share offerings of its last two companies to increase the capital of Aviation H2 Ltd and SGR Systems Pty Ltd.

About Aviation H2

An Australian company owned and manufactured by Liberty Energy Capital. We are revolutionizing the aviation market with technology that makes hydrogen-powered green aircraft an option for an industry that contributes a significant amount of CO2 to global emissions.

A rare opportunity to be part of an Australian technology first set to redefine aviation standards and decarbonise an industry worth over US$330 billion. Aviation H2’s world-renowned engineering team expects to have a green hydrogen-powered aircraft in the skies within the next 18 months.

About RMS Systems

A gold recovery company that builds and operates gold recovery systems to target small, high-grade stranded resources that are historically too small for large mining companies and impossible to effectively recover for smaller operators.

SGR Systems is a small-scale mining company that is already producing gold – Many companies mine and list grams per ton (gpt) on resources in the ground. Virtually none make it to the stage of producing viable gold from the numbers immobilized in the ground.

Our approach has been hands-on to achieve exploration AND produce gold at the same time tied to lease exploration. A new approach has been undertaken to target historic works that have produced good gold and getting a head start from the ancients – as a starting point for dealing with what they left behind – exploring where they left off and develop with modern machines the capacity to recover gold.

The first mill has been installed and in operation for the last 5 months producing gold while further drilling, exploration and development of the land is underway. Not only giving cash flow, but increasing our understanding of soil, ore and metallurgy from a working platform of small test pits and bulk sampling.

About VCEX

VCEX ExchangeVCEX Australia, is designed to offer services for companies to raise capital and trade shares without being listed on the main stock exchange. It is developed with a direct digital connection to the ASIC and – as an automated ASIC (agent #43969) – can issue actions and make real-time changes between the ASIC and all VCEX company information , in particular the register of members. Our integrated Neo-banking function enables real-time transfer of funds between parties.

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