Venture capital Binance strategically selects Gamic Guild for its incubation program


Data from the Blockchain Gaming Alliance shows that GameFi has seen a 2000% increase in user activity over the past year (BGA). According to BGA, one of the biggest problems with Blockchain games is the lack of information. To fill this void in the African GameFi ecosystem, Gamic Guild is ready to spring into action. Binance Labs added Gamic Guild, a new startup, as one of its newest members.

Gamic Guild is a gaming community built on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to benefit everyone who participates. With the help of many games and guilds, Gamic Guild hopes to create a society where families can earn passive income through gaming. Avisa Games Guild, League of Mitra, Angelic the Game, XEND funding, The KillBox game and Ark Rivals are part of strategic partners.

Blockchain businesses are encouraged to seek funding from Binance, the company’s venture capital arm and incubator, to help them achieve their goals. An incubator program like the Binance Incubator Program gives a blockchain business all the resources it needs to grow and succeed.


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