Venture capitalist and investor Varun Datta who paved the way to success shares his words with young people


“Ambition is the road to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in,” says Varun Datta, a UK-based venture capitalist who rose from zero to being a top business tycoon and a source of inspiration for many.

Varun Datta finances start-ups and start-up and emerging companies. These companies generally have good potential for expansion. Blockchain technology, healthcare, holistic wellness, entertainment platforms like OTT and content creation, and cannabis CBD in the US are the industries he is looking forward to investing in.

Companies with exceptional development potential have access to venture capital, a pooled investment fund.

Investors looking for private equity shares in start-ups or small companies have their funds managed by them. However, this has associated risks.

Undoubtedly, not everyone will be able to succeed in this endeavor without following a calculated and strategic approach.

Varun is unstoppable, however.

It supports and encourages innovation and creativity. Varun provides these businesses with financial support as well as mentorship and direction.

A decentralized ledger made possible by blockchain technology allows perfect transparency and confidentiality in the recording of transactions.

It creates new efficiencies and opportunities.

The growth potential of this industry is enormous given the digitization. Similar circumstances apply to emerging types of entertainment like OTT platforms and content creation.

Improving both the healthcare system and focusing on everyone’s overall health is crucial right now, he said. It is an area that is constantly changing for the good of all.

To accomplish anything, ambition and purpose are the most important aspects. The second is intention and will. Then comes the series of hard work, perseverance, preparation, effort and patience.

Varun suggests young minds think big and take risks. The courage to take risks dictates the extent of success.

Moreover, in any industry, thorough market research is essential to design strategies and understand demands. Meeting these demands and adding value to people’s lives are essential to business growth.

Moreover, considering and working for the greater good and long-term results than profit-driven short-term goals leads to success and contentment. And that is the goal.


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