Venture capitalist Paul Holland (’82) invests $5 million in JMU


Paul Holland is grateful for how JMU has set him up for success.

“At JMU, I personally learned how to adapt — and I don’t mean compliance — I mean finding your individual superpowers and integrating them into a bigger team,” says Holland, who double majored in administration. Public and Political Science at JMU. way to become a true power player in Silicon Valley and more.

While on campus for his 40th reunion, Holland — who is also an entrepreneur, documentary producer and designer of America’s greenest home — and his partner Linda Yates announced a $5 million cash donation. dollars.

“I look forward to sharing with more students the Madison experience that I enjoyed,” he told a crowd of university officials and high-profile donors celebrating the end of Unleashed: The Campaign for James Madison University.

Her donation will largely focus on scholarships and programming in the areas of entrepreneurship and study abroad; He also renamed Madison Hall, JMU’s most visited building, Holland Yates Hall.

Holland credits JMU for giving him a well-rounded skill set: “That’s the hallmark of a JMU graduate,” he says. “When I look at the university now, I think it represents two opportunities: The first is academic maturation, and I think JMU did a very good job there. The second, which I think is actually more important , is social maturation, the notion of being able to go there and grow as a person. This is where JMU excels, where it outshines other schools. JMU is where I got the basics that I needed.

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