Venture Capitalist Peter Levine Offers Multimillion-Dollar Gift to Launch the ‘Levine Impact Lab’ to the Honnold Foundation


The Lab promises to combine venture capital expertise and inspired philanthropic thinking to radically amplify the value of giving.

LA VEGAS, October 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The Levine Impact Lab, a new initiative funded by a venture capitalist and an environmentalist Pierre Levin in partnership with the Honnold Foundation – a non-profit organization focused on community development and solar energy founded by a world-renowned climber Alex Honnold – aims to empower local leaders in communities around the world by providing them with the resources and capacity-building funds needed to play an active role in addressing environmental and social injustices.

Levine has pledged a multi-million dollar financial donation for the next three years to launch the lab, with plans to expand its programs over time. This is in addition to his commitment to providing personal time to advise grantees, connect them to his extensive network and work to develop their operations. The lab will provide long-term support to organizations and individual leaders who otherwise might not have access to best-in-class resources typically reserved for VC-funded startups.

“The impacts of climate change are being felt around the world with rising temperatures, increased frequency of natural disasters, food and water insecurity and economic disruption,” Honnold said. “Meanwhile, communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis are receiving the least support, despite the best efforts of grassroots organizations and community leaders.” He added: “Peter and I have a shared vision to change that. It has long been a goal of The Honnold Foundation to offer additional support to our grantee partners, and the opportunity to work more closely with Peter, someone ‘one I’ve admired for many years, made perfect sense.”

“I’ve been involved with the Honnold Foundation for a long time and support Alex’s vision, and the Lab is an evolution of our long-standing relationship,” Levine said. “In my work, I have seen that money plus time equals the best outcome. So it’s not just the dollar donation, it’s the fact that our team is ready to bring the concepts of capital -risk and enterprise best-in-class nonprofit organizations, striving to achieve the best results for the organizations we serve.”

Focused on organizational development, capacity building, individual leadership, networking and financial support, each cohort enrolled in the Lab will follow a three-year program to strengthen their skills in strategy, operations and governance, as well as coaching the executives and leadership development. , and take part in a series of networking and mutual learning opportunities.

With plans to partner with 50 initiatives around the world by 2050, the Lab will work to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13, described as ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern for all and urgently taking action against climate change and its impacts.

Among the initial cohort of national partners, the lab will work with grassroots organizations including:

  • Native Renewables enables Native American families from the Hopi and Navajo nations to achieve energy independence by improving access to solar energy and providing off-grid power solutions.
  • BK Rot, Inc. based in brooklyn converts organic waste from local businesses into high-quality compost, while providing employment opportunities and valuable experience to low-income communities.
  • Chicago Ecological house promotes bottom-up economic development in the under-resourced neighborhood of Englewood by turning vacant land into horticultural farms and employing local youth to grow, maintain and sell their produce.

Commenting on the registration of his organization in the laboratory, Suzanne SingerExecutive Director of Native Renewables, said, “We are thrilled to be part of the first Lab cohort! This kind of investment is so valuable to small nonprofits that we’re excited to apply the resources and tools we’ve acquired over the next three years. to increase our impact in tribal communities.”

The launch of the Lab coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Honnold Foundation and $2 million investment goal. Established in 2012, the Foundation’s work to expand access to solar power in marginalized communities began with Honnold’s commitment to contribute one-third of its income each year. Ten years, more than 40 partners and more than 30 countries later, the Honnold Foundation has increased its investments exponentially. In addition to the launch of the Impact Lab, the Honnold Foundation plans to continue to strategically target community solar energy projects, with an emphasis on projects that are scalable, equitable, community-focused and located in areas traditionally under -funded faced with immediate effects. of the climate crisis.

About the Honnold Foundation

The Honnold Foundation (HF) partners with marginalized communities to expand equitable access to solar energy. Founded in 2012 by a professional climber Alex Honnold, we believe that energy should be clean, affordable and accessible to everyone. HF provides funding, project management, and a storytelling spotlight to nonprofit partners around the world, who are using solar power to create opportunity, increase social equity, and build more resilient communities. To learn more, visit

About Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a professional rock climber best known for his ropeless ascents of some of the largest rock faces in the world. By principle and practice, he lives as simply as possible. The Honnold Foundation, founded in 2012, is an extension of this ethic. His initial commitment was a third of his earnings, which inspires the Lab’s belief in radical giving, and his athlete’s approach to risk management informs the Lab’s belief in making big bets. In 2022, the Honnold Foundation will support twenty-four partners in nearly twenty countries, representing a two million dollars investment.

About Pierre Levin

Pierre Levin, currently a general partner at venture capital firm a16z, brings nearly three decades of experience in high-profile ventures and investments to the lab. Initially a software engineer, he became senior vice president and general manager of the data center and cloud division at Citrix before turning to VC investing. His leadership experience and belief in “the CEO as the cultural epicenter” shapes the lab’s focus on improving people’s skills; likewise, its commitment to open source software has informed the lab’s intent to create and share a “framework” that demonstrates new models of independence, resilience, and growth for the nonprofit sector.

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