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Venture Leaders Technology’s jury of experts had their work cut out for them this year: they had to review 180 applications to choose the 10 members of the Swiss National Startup team who will travel to Silicon Valley in April. Before the 10 entrepreneurs meet with international investors and industry leaders to strengthen their business network and advance their globalization, we want to introduce you to each of the 10 Technology Venture Leaders 2022: Meet Nicolas Abelé, the CEO of TYXIT.

TYXIT develops the first ultra-low latency conferencing application with high fidelity sound: the startup allows musicians and gamers to play and record together without being in the same place. The startup’s proprietary technology enables optimal latency of less than 30ms, which is comparable to playing in the same room – musicians experience no delay between when a sound is produced and when it is heard.

Name: Nicolas Abele

Location: Lausanne

Nationality: Swiss and French

Graduated from: EPFL with a doctorate (2007), IMD executive program (2019)

Job title: CEO of TYXIT

Number of employees: 15

The money raised: CHF 1.1 million

First point of contact with Venturelab: In 2008, for Venture Leaders with Lemoptix, my first startup, which was sold to Intel

Nicolas, can you summarize what TYXIT does?
TYXIT develops a SaaS platform for real-time remote interaction between musicians and players. We provide a single interface for performers to play, rehearse, create and protect their unique creation through NFT generation. We also allow artists to engage with their fans as if they were in a live show, thanks to TYXIT’s cutting-edge technology on immersive and ultra-low latency sound experience solutions.

How and where did you get the idea for your startup?
The founder, Raphael [Buache], musician and master of embedded software, experienced the lack of a solution to play remotely and wirelessly with his band. For my part, I played the saxophone, like 50% of the population in France or Switzerland who have learned to play an instrument but do not practice regularly for lack of time and the difficulty of finding other musicians to play with. . I have also personally searched for a simple and powerful solution online without finding it. As an investor and board member since incorporation, I have seen the potential of the team, the technological advancement, and the huge market needs for musicians and gamers/eSports who also need ultra-low audio latency to work better together. That’s why Dave [Brown]Olivier [Müller]and I, entrepreneurs and main investors of TYXIT since day one, joined the team with the ambition to build a world leader in the field.

What do you expect from the Venture Leaders Technology roadshow and how will it help you realize your vision?
About 40% of the music and streaming market is in the United States, both in terms of active users, investors and media partners/providers. With key locations such as New York for media content, Los Angeles for music, and San Francisco for augmented reality, virtual reality, and the metaverse, the United States is a top priority for TYXIT. The US market is a priority for us, and we aim to prepare for US expansion during the roadshow.

We also want to gain visibility with content-focused players (e.g. Meta, Google/YouTube) in the US, as we currently do with our focus on European content (e.g. Montreux Media Ventures, telecom operators, QwestTV). As part of our fundraising, advancing investor relations will also be a key objective. We are looking for investors active in the generation and protection of content (NFT) and the metaverse domain. For a metaverse to be successful, audio immersion and latency must match the human experience, which is a key pillar for TYXIT.

What is your favorite movie?
Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis—the film was definitely ahead of its time.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?
EMT [Manual-Technical Education]which is an academic discipline combining artistic creation and strategic implementation.

What is the thing that few people know about you?
I do a lot of mountaineering, ski touring and climbing. This is an area where personal and team effort delivers unbeatable visual/panoramic experiences.

Where and when are you most productive?
Early in the morning or during a team brainstorming session with a pen and a whiteboard. This is where bootstrapping ideas always come out.

How and where to clear your mind?
By picking up a book and reading a few chapters.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Founder?
You live a different day every day, things are constantly changing and you are never bored.

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The Venture Leaders Technology 2022 program is organized by Venturelab and supported by dpd Switzerland, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Kellerhals Carrard, Rothschild & Co, and the Canton of Vaud.

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The TYXIT product is a SaaS platform for real-time remote interaction between musicians and gamers, providing a solution for artists to play, rehearse, create and protect their creation… Read more


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