Will Eddie venture down another path?


There may not be a new episode of Blue blood season 13 on CBS tonight, but there’s still something to discuss as far as the story goes.

What are we talking about? To be specific, it has to do with Vanessa Ray’s Eddie trajectory. For much of Season 12, it was set that she would eventually become a Sergeant. However, over time, some seeds began to be planted for her to venture down a different path. That could mean becoming a key part of SVU, where she helps support victims who often have none in the most obvious way. There is a real need for someone like her in this unit.

That said, are we going to see Eddie’s story fully evolve in that direction? That’s the big mystery for now, as the character is largely at the mercy of whatever the writers decide. Will this be the best place for her to have unique stories? We think the reason she’s not getting promoted to sergeant right now is that she’d probably be even more estranged from Jamie than she is – plus there’s already a story about a sergeant in the series. They might end up doing the same.

Still, we hope the writers recognize the importance of constantly evolving someone like Eddie – the last thing you want to do is make sure someone stays in the same place forever and stories start to get stale. . While the dynamic with her and Badillo is interesting, what else can you do to change things up with the story in its current form.

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What do you think could happen with Eddie on Blue blood season 13?

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